Group meetings


• Gathering: personal reports of the past period and the Act part (commitments) of the previous meeting.

• Prayer: each guideline offers relevant opening prayers, Bible passages and thoughts for short reflection for each meeting. Prayer can be started and closed with a hymn.

• Sharing: the main part of the meeting (usually 90 to 120 minutes)
          • Orientation: the topic is introduced by a passage read out
          • Observe: general sharing based on questions read out
             one by one. It important that each person can tell his/her
             experiences regarding each question.
          • Judge: the related experiences are examined in the light of
             the Gospel. Evaluation is based on the Catechism of the
             Catholic Church.
          • Act: it is important that discoveries inspire actions. With each
             topic, CFM guidelines offer practical ideas, but anyone can
             make his/her own commitments.

• Closing prayer: the „formal” part of the meeting is closed with a prayer.

• Informal time: discussion of actual practical questions, agape.

God created man and woman to  give meaning, life and love to the universe. He created marriage „to His image and likeness”, and God is not a circle. He is the spiraling foundation of Life and Love.
   The quest for happiness in marriage demands that you expand your vision and perspective beyond your marital relationship. You are challenged by today’s society to stop being a selfish and isolated married couple. And you are called by the Creator to depart from your conjugal and family love, and go towards the universal love.
You, as a married couple, have been born to become a loving spiral of love!           

 Gabriel Calvo
founder of Marriage Encounter
and the FIRES programmes